What Credentials Best Resume Writers Should Have

There are hundreds of resume writing service providers with most of them carrying out their businesses online. It is not all the services that deliver impressive resumes hence you should be careful with your choice so as to settle on the best. Apart from fair pricing and ability to write resumes for various industries, the following credentials can help you to pick the best resume writers.


The best resume writers are certified by one or several resume writing associations. Resume writing certifications include:

  • Certified professional Resume Writer(CPRW)
  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer(NCRW)
  • Certified Expert Resume Writer(CERW)
  • Master Resume Writer(MRW).

It is also advisable to check if the resume writer is among the resume services rated by BBB and the actual rating. Also look out for BBB online reliability seal as this shows the track record and whether the resume writer is safe and reliable. Establish the number of years that a resume writer has been providing professional resume writing service. You should also look for additional information beyond certification and determine if there are any outstanding accomplishments achieved by the resume writer.

Most writing services do not have information beyond their certifications but the good ones usually have been published in some books or have outstanding business background. It is safer to work with resume writers that have clearly stated who their Presidents or Executive directors are and their accomplishments as opposed to working with companies that just claim to be the best.


The best resume services allow the visitors to their website to access samples of the resumes completed by their writers. Good resume writers should have samples even if they are not for the kind of resume you want. Go through samples to verify if they focus on achievements and skills as opposed to creating resumes that simply list job duties. Also check if they use advanced techniques such as color and highlights that make resumes to be unique and stand out from others. If the samples are unappealing, you are unlikely to get a good resume.

Personalized Service

Resume writers that are well prepared to meet the needs of the customers should provide personalized service. They should facilitate their clients to engage in direct communication through email, phone and live chat. This interaction with the resume writing services enables the writers to understand the exact requirements by the customers and portray them in the best light. The combination of above and any other credentials are helpful in determining the best resume writer.