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The CV Store dot net Overview

The CV Store is a credible resume writing service that has been helping customers land their dream jobs with their impeccable resume writing team. All of the CV store dot net writers are qualified and are not beginners when it comes to writing resumes that will land people the jobs that they have always hoped and dreamed about. Not to mention that the CV Store has experience working with a wide range of individuals so no matter what type of job it is that you are trying to secure you can be sure that you will get it with ease by using this resume writing service.

Editorial The CV Store Rating

Based on the experience that the CV Store brags of we would have to give them a four star rating. We will even go as far as to say that they appear to be one of the top resume writing services as well as one of the best resume writing services. However, the deduction of one star comes into play when we analyzed their website, From our point of view it is not very eye catching. What is meant by this is we know it is a resume writing service yet when customers arrive since the website is so bland they may fail to realize that the CV Store also offers other services outside of their resume writing services.

Customers Ranking

The only customer rankings that we could find out the CV Store were the reviews left by people on their Facebook page. The CV Store currently does not have any testimonials on their website, But, all of the reviews that have been left on their Facebook page give them a five star ranking. Customers feel that the CV Store played a big part in helping them obtain the jobs that they wanted due to the fact that the CV Store wrote them an award winning resume.

Other the CV Store Reviews found

There were no other The CV Store reviews found on the web.

Is The CV a Scam?

The CV Store dot net is not a scam from what we can tell. Customers seem satisfied with them and no one has left then any bad reviews so that must be a good sign.