Targeted Resumes in January 2013 Really Hit their Mark

Targeted resumes are ideal for those who want to reach specific points with their employers. While this isn’t the perfect type of resume for everyone, it really helps for those who are looking for something specific. If they know what they want to provide with their job application, they can get in touch with the Resume Editing Service who is still offering to write and edit professional targeted resumes.

January News from Resume Services ReviewThose who really want to write targeted resume material might want to check out a new blog from the Resume Surgeon. The Resume Surgeon brand image has already been established as something unique in the world of resume writing, and the advice from that team is somewhat famous. However, they’ve also decided to take this opportunity to extend their coverage of various social networks and the like to make them far more visible on the Internet.

Most people end up with job gaps in their resume, and there have been a few different ways to fill them. They’ve even ended up writing a news story about this problem. Of course, hiring a professional editor is another way to deal with this serious problem. After all, no one wants to have major gaps lying around in their resume pages. They can make an otherwise complete paper seem to be sort of empty.
Targeted Resume WritingOf all people to run a story, LinkedIn actually recently released it’s annual coverage of words that they find in too many resumes. Words like problem solving and creative are too common these days. That means that employers won’t take them as seriously if they see them. That could actually change the way that targeted resumes are written, though they probably shouldn’t have been using these terms too often in the first place.

As if resume services needed any more reason to pay attention to LinkedIn, CSUN is now actually sort of making it a part of their curriculum. Considering that so many people are trying to shift towards this method, it means a lot that they’ve done this. However, it doesn’t replace good writing. Writing a quality traditional resume is still a must when anyone is trying to get employed, and that’s why services will surely stick around for a long time. In fact, some of them are starting to offer written LinkedIn profiles as well.

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