Talk with Your Resume Writer Directly – Review of resume writing service review Overview is a professional resume writing service that takes pride in their resume writing services. They understand that now a days there is a lot of competition when it comes to the resume writing business. So in order to secure their customers they offer a thirty day guarantee. Also, during the thirty days they allow customers to request revisions and continue to talk to their writer if they have experienced any problems.

Editorial ResumeCorner Rating

Overall, we would give ResumeCorner a four out of five star rating. This rating is based on the quality of their services as well as the ease of using their website. Their services are good but not excellent and their website is good but not excellent as well. It seems that they offer what the basic resume writing service would offer but nothing extraordinary which would make them be listed as one of the best resume writing services nor one of the top resume writing services. Also, on their website it states that they do not issue refunds so what they are basically letting you know that if you are unhappy with their services they will rewrite your resume but you will not be getting your money back once you have paid.

Customers ResumeCorner dot com Ranking

Based on what ResumeCorner’s customers are saying they would rank them as being one of the best resume writing services. Some of their customers have reported getting good jobs that paid extremely well in less than a week. All of them seem to be satisfied with their services and no one mentioned having any complaints. However, even though the customers raved about their resume writing services no one mentioned whether or not if they would/had referred their resume writing service to anyone else.

Other Resume Corner Reviews Found

Other Resume Corner Reviews give this company a five star rating. The reviews state that the writers are all certified resume writers and they provide top of the line resume writing services. They also state that all of the resume writers have a master’s degree. When searching for Resume Corner Reviews, there were no bad things that could be found written anywhere on the web about this company. So they may indeed be one of the best resume writing services on the market right now.

Is Resumecorner a Scam?

Resumecorner is not a scam. No one has reported them ripping them off or anything of that nature. Also, they have been published in a variety of different places including, but not limited to, “The New York Times Blog”, “The Ladders” and “”.