Review of resume writing service Overview

Shiny New Resume is one of the resume writing services that has been listed as one of the top resume writing services due to the fact that they are able to assist you with the resume writing process no matter what stage of your career you are in. The process is said to be very fast and easy not to mention the fact that some people have even felt as though this is one of the affordable resume writing services. Shiny New Resume is based in Texas in the U.S. and at this time they are a small company yet. is still effective. In fact the longest that you will have to wait for them to complete your resume is 3 days max.

Editorial Shiny New Resume Rating

Based on reviewing their website and the resume writing services reviews and reviews of Shiny New Resumes they have earned their 5 star rating. They are also based in the US so it is easy for customers to verify that they are not a fraud by simply verifying that there address is legit. Then, of course the fact that they also provide you with a cover letter is greatly appreciated even in the event that you are not provided with a discount.

Customers Ranking

Customers are also ranking Shiny New Resume in at five stars. Some of them have left reviews of resume writing services stating that they were able to secure the job that they had their eye on in a week or less. So, this definitely is giving their competitors a run for the money because many of the resume writing services work takes up to five weeks for the customers to see a good outcome. However, based on review this is far from the case when it comes to Shiny New Resume. Not to mention the fact that they only hire qualified resume writers to handle their resume writing requests.

Other Shiny New Resume dot com Reviews Found

Currently, there are no other Shiny New Resume reviews yet their name has been mentioned on quite a few different reviews of resume writing services websites.

Is a Scam?

No one has stated there is a scam taken place. So, at this point in time it can be concluded that they are not a scam or a fraud. Furthermore, none of their testimonials on the website indicate that they are a rip-off either.