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GrandResume offers the following services:

  • Writing & editing resume. Your resume has to say all the right things in all the right places or else it will be tossed with barely a look. With resume help provided by GrandResume you’ll get past the screening process every time.
  • Writing & editing CV. As an accomplished professional you need all of your achievements, including research and published works, arranged on your CV to maximize the interest of recruiters.
  • Writing & editing cover letter. Your cover letter is your opportunity to say positive things about yourself that are not suited for your resume. Our professional CV writers can compose your letter to compel recruiters to read your resume.
  • Resume translation.
  • Resume critique.

This top resume writing service classifies by experience levels:

  1. Entry. For those who are starting out, the best experts at GrandResume create CV that displays your best attributes together with unlimited potential.
  2. Professional. This resume is for those who desire to make the next career step after more than 2 years of professional experience.
  3. Executive. All your achievements as the executive level professional are revealed in this type of resume to your advantage.
  4. Military, Federal, Career Change. CV for successful transition to a different profession, federal position, or from-military-to-civil employment.

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