Review of Resume Writing Service

Resume Wizards – Overview

Resume Wizards is a highly acclaimed resume writing service which offers an affordable career solution to job applicants. Resume Wizards takes pride in the fact that its resume writers are not only certified but are also massively experienced in writing job-winning resumes. Resume Wizards offers a 30-day guarantee for a job interview call to its customers. In addition, Resume Wizards also offers to revise resumes for as many times as its customers want. In order to make sure that your resume truly represents you, an expert will get in touch with you over the telephone line to personalize the resume writing service.

Editorial Resume Wizards Rating

We found Resume Wizards to be a mixed bag as a result we have awarded a 2-star rating to their resume writing service. On the one hand, we found the credentials of their team of writers to be very impressive, the fact that their website was ill-organized and unattractive was a major turn-off. Resume Wizards offers various attractive resume writing packages at affordable prices. Customers can only access their customer support staff via email which can cause inconvenience. All in all, Resume Wizards has the potential of becoming one of the top b in the industry if it improves its website and expands the scope of its service.

Customer’s Resume Wizards Ranking

The website of Resume Wizards contains positive feedback from job applicants related to different industries such as IT, journalism, accountancy and admin. Judging by the customer testimonials available on their website, we have given a positive customer’s ranking to their service.

Other Resume Wizards Reviews Not Found

We were unable to find any third-party reviews about their service.

Is Resume Wizards a Scam?

We see no reason to believe that Resume Wizards is a scam; however, there are certain grey areas which the company needs to address. To start with, customers can only get in touch with their support staff via email, when in fact they should give telephone numbers and postal address. Resume Wizards is also not BBB rated but the fact that there are no Resume Wizards fraud allegations should give heart to customers.