Review of Resume Writing Service Overview

This company is based out of Australia and have many different locations throughout the country.   They have a sliding scale of services that range from bronze to the more expensive gold level.  They have an experienced staff that is available by phone.  Their website provides free advice and tips for people putting together resumes.  They are among the top resume writing services on the web.

Editorial Rating

We give this website a 4 out of 5 because the company seems to be focused on getting people jobs.  They have free training to go along with their numerous locations that means you can go into an office and meet with a consultant.  The career advice is the standard information that lots of similar companies,but they do offer job coaching so that tends to be personalized service. They offer a wide range of price options so almost anyone can find a service in their price range.

Customers  Ranking

Most of the customer reviews are very positive, but they are provided by the company.  This company has a great web presence, with numerous sites listing them as a good company.  There are no other customer reviews other then the ones provided  by the company.  That means there are positive reviews on the company’s website, but no negative reviews to compare the good and the bad.

Other Reviews Not Found

There are no other reviews for this company.

Is  a Scam?

No, this company is definitely not a scam.  They have lots of branches and experienced staff to assist every job seekers needs.  They have detailed biographies of all of their staff so it is possible to choose the person with the right experience to help with particular areas of interest for job seekers. This means that is a top resume writing services that can give help to every style of resume.