Review of resume writing service Overview

Resume Prose is a company that is based in Virginia Beach and is run by an individual by the name of Mary. Currently, Mary’s resume writing company has not been listed as one of the top resume writing services nor one of the affordable resume writing services yet she seems to be well on her way to the top according to reviews of resume writing services and resume writing service review. She is a certified resume writing specialist and everyone else that she hires within her company also holds the title so you can be sure there is no resume prose dot com scam or resume prose dot com fraud taking place within this resume writing service.

Editorial Rating

Since resume prose dot com is only members of two organizations and they only have a few resume prose reviews they currently desire a four star rating as five star rating are saved for the best resume writing services. Also, they do not have their prices listed which can make customers weary of them so that plays a role in their rating as well. However, Resume Prose does state that they have rush services available and you are always welcome to call them if you have any questions or concerns. Not to mention the fact that offers free critiques.

Customers ResumeProse Ranking

Currently customers have not given this resume writing service any reviews of Resume Prose so there is no way for a customer’s ranking to be established at this time.

Other Resume Prose Reviews Found

No other Resume Prose reviews could be found. When doing a google search of their name you can see that they are listed on quite a few different resume reviews websites yet no one has took the time to leave them any feedback to date.

Is a Scam?

No one has said there is a scam taking place within this resume writing service. However, at the same time as we mentioned no one has said anything about this company at all. The good thing is their residence can be verified as being in Virginia Beach, Virginia but other than that the trail stops cold.