Review of Resume Writing Service  Overview is one of the leading resume writing services in Australia. They serve the top 5% of major businesses in the country.  They have a selection of team members that can write a resume that stands out and makes the difference.  They provide a full service resume including cover letters and the ability to give you job leads.

Editorial Rating

We give this website a 3 out of 5 because the company is very focused on niche markets.  They tend to serve the upper management type of job seekers and they are not as focused on getting entry level positions which is kind of disappointing.  They are expensive but very good at what they do, but that shouldn’t discourage job seekers from trying a company with lots of experience.

Customers Ranking

Customer’s give them great reviews with many people commenting on how their 8 steps helped them to get jobs.  There were no negative reviews, but that is not surprising considering that they deal with customers who expect above average pay.

Other Reviews Not Found

We were unable to locate any reviews concerning the actual work that they put out. However they seem to have a quality staff and they do work with you through every part of a job search.

Is a Scam?

They seem to be a very legitimate company that has the best interest of their clients in mind.  They probably are not a scam because they have lots of information available on the Internet.  They offer a full service option that helps job seekers work through the perils of finding a job in a down market.

They should be around for the years to come and we would say they are not a scam.