Review of CV Writing Service Overview

Resume is a resume writing service that can be consider as one of the best resume writing services or one of the top resume writing services. They may not provide customers with a resume discount but they do have a ton of other great benefits such as money back guarantees and things of that nature.

Editorial Resume Rating

Based on what we have seen on resume’s website,, we would give them a 5 star rating. This rating comes into play because they are the only resume writing service that we have come across that does not charge you if the resume they complete for you does not get you the job. Not to mention the fact that they also give you the opportunity to talk to your resume writer one to one.

Customers Ranking

Based on the testimonials that have been left on their website,, it appears that customer’s rank resume at five stars as well. You can find numerous reviews that have been left from their prior customers from all of the U.S. that state nothing but good things about their resume writing service.

Other Resume Reviews found

Other reviews that can be found on the web about resume indicate that this resume writing service is very popular. Also, it indicates that they do indeed provide the quality of resume writing services that they advertise to their customers. Not to mention that there turnaround times are moderately fast and their customer service representatives are very easy to deal with also. No bad reviews about resume could be found in any of the reviews of resume writing services.

Is a Scam?

Resume is a BBB accredited resume writing service so this right here along shows that they are 100% legit and not a scam or a fraud resume writing service.