Review of Resume Writing Service

Resume Crafters Overview

Resume Crafters is a qualified resume writing service that offers up to the mark resume writing services. Resume Crafters call themselves the world’s best professional online resume writing service and is owned by who themselves have lots of experienced personal. The cost of $89.95 seems pretty cheap to us, to get your resume written by experts and that too in 2-3 days of your request. Along with this you get secret tips on how to distribute your resume and how to market yourself. People have praised Resume Crafters for the quality of their resumes which boasts Resume Crafters rating.

Editorial Resume Crafters Rating

Based on reviews that we have read and searched for the overall word is good for Resume Crafters and we would give a rating of 3.5 stars to Though you may not find Resume Crafters in the top resume writing services, still you get a good option to get your resume written or reviewed and that too in cheap. Some sites have pointed out short comings saying that customer service is pretty lacking and the costs more for extra services.

Customers Ranking

Based on customer’s reviews that can be found on and other review sites the general opinion is that the site gives good services for resume writing and provides quick feedback. You also get tips for further marketing yourself. Overall the client’s reviews were positive and some have even recommended for resume creation citing there examples of a quick and successful job search using the resumes created by High ranking and 4 stars are assigned to Resume Crafters.

Other Resume Crafter Reviews Found

Other reviews made us believe that there is credibility in the Resume Crafters work and that people looking for cheap and good options will opt for

Is a Scam?

No, is not a scam. Resume Crafters may not be the best resume writing services available on the Internet, but you will surely get the job done. Resume Crafters is also VeriSign trusted.