Review of resume writing service Overview

Resume dot com is not like many of the resume writing services that people expect. With this company you will be the one writing your resume using their resume builder and then you can even apply to jobs that have been listed on their website as well. claims that their resume builder is very easy to use and they also have people who have posted their completed resumes on their website after they have been approved. This is a good thing to consider because instead of having to search for potential employers they can search for you by taking a look at your resume on the site.

Editorial Rating

Based on what is on their webpage we have to give a 3 star rating. The rating is given because there website may share information articles about resume writing but many people are probably mislead to thinking that this is a resume writing service by professionals when it is not. However, if you are someone who just needs some guidance to write your resume you may find it useful yet those who were looking to pay someone for a quality resume are more than likely going to be out of luck.

Customer’s Ranking

Customers have not left any reviews so it is impossible to try and figure out their ratings. However, they must be doing something good because people are still posting their resumes up despite the fact that this resume writing service has not updated their copyright since 2010. But, then again they do have a Twitter account so maybe you can contact them about obtaining more information about how their company works.

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Is a Scam?

No one has listed scam or fraud. However, at the same time no one has left any review or any reviews of Since it appears that they have been around for a while they are not a scam. Also, there was nothing indicating that they even charge for the services and the information that they are offering.