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Red Star Resume – Overview

Red Star Resume is an online resume writing service which has an international customer-base. Red Star Resume was founded by renowned career strategist, Gavin Redelman, and the company has produced thousands of high quality resumes covering 35 different industries. Red Star Resume fully recognizes the importance of producing personalized resumes from scratch which is why it is able to achieve high customer satisfaction. With reliable 24/7 customer support and timely delivery of services, Red Star Resume is seen by many job applicants as a shining star in the online resume writing industry.

Editorial Red Star Resume Rating

Red Star Resume has received a 3-star editorial rating because it has maintained a high standard in offering resume writing services to graduates, young professionals, managers and executives. Red Star Resume also offers professional LinkedIn profile development to help professionals announce their presence on the web. On the whole, their website is neat and attractive and allows customers to navigate easily. We also think that Red Star Resume is not the most affordable resume writing service but their prices are not too expensive either. Red Star Resume also offers corporate solutions such as resume writing to support tender/ proposals which gives it an edge over its competitors.

Customer’s Red Star Resume Ranking

Red Star Resume has received positive customer testimonials which are easily accessible through their website. After going through these customer reviews, we feel that any potential customer will feel encouraged to use their service.

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