Professional Resume Industry Helps Workers Apply in February 2013 is an interesting service, since it tries to focus mostly on Information Technology resumes. With the recent upswing in market demand, most services are raising their rates. However, this organization has actually sliced its prices across the board by 20 percent. That’s a major shift in the way that professional IT resumes are provided. Job applicants are regularly held back by how expensive some of these services are, so this might actually help those who were otherwise struggling to get a resume written.

Resume Writing Services in announced that they’re offering a no cost Resume Builder on their website that’s geared towards those who can’t afford professional consultants. However, the service isn’t changing in any other way. After all, they’ve continued to list over one hundred resume templates on their site. For that matter, they’ve also reported a near 100 percent positive feedback rating when it comes to their regular written material. This might have to do with the fact that they’re one of several professional resume-writing firms that employ native English speakers.

According to resume expert Wit Adamczy, those who are applying to be executive assistants can actually write more than one page. While they don’t need to, they can help their material along by doing so. This is a pretty sharp contrast from other similar tasks. Most people who write resumes expect to write only a single page. Anything more is overkill. Therefore, people tasked with writing executive assistant resumes might have the wrong idea at first. In this market segment, the people who review resumes actually won’t terribly mind if you add some additional pages. It’s probably still best not to go overboard, however.

Smashing Resumes is a very specialized resume-writing firm. They’re so specialized, in fact, that they’re actually holding a contest to see who can get candidates a job the fastest. They’re doing their best to get 20 people jobs during the Project Get-a-Job. While some people will call this a very shameless marketing ploy, they have to admit that it’s never been tried before. Smashing Resumes really is quite bold for having tried this sort of promotion, and people will certainly turn their heads very soon if they haven’t already started.

Resume Surgeon brands itself as a career expert. That might sound bold, but they’ve improved their Industry Spotlight section so that their consultants can provide clients with better advice. That advice is now specifically tailored to the industry that they’re applying for a job in.

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