Review of resume writing service Overview

Preferred Resumes has not only been labeled as one of the top resume writing services but they have also been labeled as one of the most affordable resume writing services as well. Also, PreferredResumes.Com states that they give off proven results that land people jobs that they never thought they would be asked to interview for. What they state has to be true because no one has labeled them as a Preferred Resume scam and they are also based in the U.S. and their office location has even been verified.

Editorial Preferred Resumes Rating

Based on the fact that Preferred Resume is based in the U.S. and has been verified as being a legit resume writing service out of California by reviews of resume writing services they deserve a five star rating. Anything under that would just not make sense based on review of Preferred Resumes. Then, of course there is the fact that they have some history behind the company – they are not new to the resume writing niche – and they have samples of their work. Not to mention the fact that they also share valuable tips with their potential customers.

Customers Ranking

Customers are ranking preferred resumes in at five stars as well. Preferred Resume review states this such as the testimonial’s that has been left on their website Even though the reviews do not mention anything about receiving a preferred resumes discount you can see that the customers who decided to leave resume writing services review felt as though their resume writing services were worth every single penny that they invested in them. One person did seem to mention that they had to request a revision on their resume but once they received the new copy they seemed to have no problem notifying others that the changes that were made were excellent.

Other Preferred Resumes Reviews Found

Preferred Resumes does have a LinkedIn account yet at this time they do not have any recommendations. This is something that seems to be very strange due to the fact that this social media network has become quite popular you would think that at least one of their customers would have an account and would be more than happy to give them a recommendation to help them expand their business.

Is a Scam?

No one has directly stated that is a scam or a fraud.