e-resume.net Review

e-resume.net resume writing service review

E- Resume Overview

E- Resume is a resume writing service that is currently on the rise. They mostly work by referrals and do not do much advertising so it is not rare if one does not know their name. Their resume writing service offers very competitive prices and they make it easy to contact them via their website, www.e-resume.net, or by phone.

Editorial www.e-resume.net Rating

Based on www.e-resume.net we would give E Resume a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. We would rate them at this level because it does look like they do good work but it doesn’t seem like they are offering anything that is to extraordinary. They do offer a lot of great information on their website however they leave out the most important fact: their turnaround time for the resume.

Customers EResume Ranking

Based on the testimonials that EResume has on their website it would seem as though all of their customers have been very pleased with their works. Some of the past customers feel that they are one of the best resume writing services that can be found on the web right now. Others feel that they should be listed among the top resume writing services that are on the market. It seems that many customers feel that they offer a good deal and they have no problem with their rates or anything of that nature. Some have even gone so far as to say that they have gotten tons of job offers since using Eresume’s resume writing services.

Other e-resume.net Reviews Found

When searching the web for e-resume.net reviews they are not very hard. The first thing you will notice is their name is associated with best resume writing services and top resume writing services, which is always a good sign. Many of the reviews state the company provides quality work and they have affordable prices. Also, reviews told how they actually do keep their word and continue to revise the resume until their customers are 100% happy with it. However, e-resume.net does have some downfalls as well. To begin with not all of their writers are certified. They do great work but they are not certified resume writers. Also, it has been said that the Better Business Bureau has been unable to contact this company for three years.

Is E Resume a Scam?

E Resume does not seem to be a scam because people have reported using this company. The LA Times at one point was recommending this company so that proves that is is/was a legit resume writing service. Also, they have a couple of partners that they work with including, but not limited to, careerbuilder.com and PongoResume.com.