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Review of resume writing service leadingedgeresumes.com

leadingedgeresumes.com Overview

Sometimes when one surfs a few similar kinds of sites, you come across a site that just seems to have that little spark that sets it apart from others, and LeadingEdgeResumes is just such a site. They market themselves as an executive profile development service, which also caters to LinkedIn profile development and resume writing. The sense of professionalism and efficacy is clear from the out, and although the homepage is quite dense in terms of copy, this does not detract from the overall quality of the site. The voice over is useful, but it has to be said that it is quite startling, and would have been better if there had been a video to accompany the voice of the MD. Having
a face to the company is always a bonus. Apart from that the site is excellent in every way – it is visually appealing, well balanced, engaging, and well-constructed. It is difficult to find fault with leadingedgeresumes.com.

Editorial LeadingEdgeResumes Rating

The three key aspects of any website are the visual aspect, layout and functionality, and overall feel. leadingedgeresumes.com scores tremendously well in all of these categories. Visually, the green and white scheme is effective and strongly reminds of executive offices. The images used are appropriate and do not dominate the copy, and it works very well. In terms of layout, the home page features a lot of copy, which can be a problematic strategy but it is well written and informative, and it is unlikely that the calibre of customer LeadingEdgeResumes is trying to attract would object to having to go through a little bit of reading in order to make sure that they got quality service. The voice over is a cute feature that cements an overall feeling of personal attention, great attention to detail and general trustworthiness. Navigating the site is simple, as is contacting
leadingedgeresumes.com, and every other aspect that could be covered has been. Overall, this is a job well done. 5 stars are awarded.

Customer leadingedgeresumes.com Ranking

Surprisingly, no testimonials were found on LeadingEdgeResumes itself, which may have been a worry if the site wasn’t so expertly run. This may be because they do not feel the need to advertise, which is a risky but effective strategy.

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Is leadingedgeresumes.com A Scam?

No, most definitely not!