Review of Resume Writing Service

JL Careers – Overview

JL Careers is a distinguished career coaching service managed by award winning career coach, Joanne Loberg. JL Careers extends comprehensive career services to both organizations and individuals. Individuals who wish to undertake career growth as well as fresh graduates will find career services offered by JL Careers. JL offers resume writing service, job interview training and career coaching sessions to job applicants, whereas, its expert staff also offers career management workshops. JL Careers takes pride in that some of the most distinguished organizations regularly use their services. Being one of the most experienced online resume writing services, JL Careers has served over a thousand clients with complete customer satisfaction.

Editorial JL Careers Rating

JL Careers deserves a 3-star rating because it offers high class career coaching services to both individuals and organizations. JL Careers has a distinguished record of providing the best online resume writing services to job applicants; meanwhile, they also offer career management workshops for organizations. We found JL’s website to be thoroughly professional and well organized; however, we were disappointed to learn that they did not disclose their service charges. Keeping affordability aside, JL Careers can undoubtedly be regarded among the top resume writing services.

Customer’s JL Careers Ranking

Although, we did not find any customer reviews on their website, still the fact that prestigious organizations such as KPMG and Envision Financial are on their clients list is a major plus. Nevertheless, we have refrained from awarding any customer’s ranking to JL Careers.

Other JL Careers Reviews Not Found

We did not come across any other JL Careers reviews.

Is JL Careers a Scam?

After a detailed scrutiny of the website of JL Careers we can say with reasonable certainty that their service is legit. The fact that Joanne Loberg is a respected executive coach has also helped us come to this conclusion. Various respected multi-national companies have also used their service which is a clear indication of their legitimacy.