How to Check Resume Scam

There are numerous writing services online hence job seekers should be careful when choosing resume services. Some of them can put up signs claiming that they write the best resumes just to attract customers. Some services engage in resume scam by tricking resume seekers after ranking themselves in fake resume writing service listings.

Such companies trick job seekers into placing their orders then assign the writing work to inexperienced resume writers who cannot create documents that meet requirements by the customers use the right grammar. Other firms just change the format of the resumes that clients already have. You also need to look at these factors if you are searching for resume writing services so as to determine if they are genuine or scam.


Go through the websites of various services and check whether they have an attractive website. A writing service that cannot organize its website in an attractive way is unlikely to create a well formatted resume. A good website should be interactive and clearly display crucial information about the resume services provided by a writing service. A website with minimal information may be hiding some unattractive bits about its services.

Another form of the scam services are those with sites that guarantee the customers who will not get jobs of a refund and an additional amount of money of top. This seems like a great offer and show of confidence but the terms and conditions of such services are almost impossible to comply with. The safest way to determine if the information on website is true is to check the BBB rating of a writing service.  The best services have an A+ or A rating.

Check Resumes Writing Process

Best resume services make a point of speaking to their customer and do not just develop resumes using questionnaires only. They insist on direct communication in order to ask insightful questions that highlight the achievements and skills that will impress employers. Writing services that do not interview their customers usually have inexperienced writers who cannot engage job seekers in an intelligent conversation.  Scam services also avoid offering free resume evaluation as they cannot provide a good critique or they maybe using templates create resumes.


Top resume writing services use resume writers with some credentials with the most common being Certified professional Resume Writer (CPRW) designation. Scam services do not display anything about credentials and if they do, there is no information about their background.