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hireimaging.com Overview

When tasked to write a review of HireImaging, one does not really know where to start. The homepage of hireimaging.com is blog, which is very interesting reading, but it does not really give you any important information on whether or not this is a top resume writing service. After further investigation, it became clear that you could have your resume updated or overhauled at HireImaging, but something just does not feel right. Perhaps it is the fact that one individual is responsible for all of the work. This is highly unusual, and is a bit of a double-edged sword. You will undoubtedly get the kind of personal attention that you want, but is it worth waiting around for, should this individual become too busy to deal with you? Also, relying on one person limits your resume in terms of connections – it is simple math that having a team of people distributing your resume and placing you at companies through their mutual network is going to yield better results than one person could ever do.

Apart from these critical factors, the site itself is fairly good. The copy is engaging and the layout is fairly user friendly. Navigation is straightforward enough, but all of the tabs take you to pages that seem to be preaching the genius of the site founder. Perhaps this is overly critical, but throughout the review of hireimaging.com, it felt as if HireImaging was created as a memorial to the greatness of the founder and very little else. Regardless of how skilled this person may be, the fact is that hireimaging.com does nothing in terms of selling skills, or engaging customers, and in a comparative test, it falls miserably short.

Editorial HireImaging Rating

As mentioned above, the site itself is interesting enough, but quite poorly executed. As a result, it receives an editorial rating of 1.5 stars (out of a possible 5). Again, this may be an injustice to what the owner feels is a top resume writing service, but the fact is that it is too personal, and lacks competitive edge.

Customer hireimaging.com Ranking

The testimonial page rates the work of the site founder very highly, and this is always positive, so if you do decide to use this service, and she has space for you, you may benefit.

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