Review of Resume Writing Service Overview

Get Interviews. Com is a resume writing services that is available online. They are a professional resume writing service that full services resume writing services. They write your resume and then if you can not get a job within 30 days they give you a free re-write.   They have over 17 years of experience writing resumes.  They have plenty of content to help with getting a job available on their website.

Editorial Rating

We give  a 4 out of 5 star rating due to their home page layout providing an ease of navigating. They  have a slick looking website that draws you into reading more.  They offer affordable resume writing services and a re-write guarantee.   They seem to be very expensive and that may be a big problem for people who are looking for work.  However if you want a job you should always be willing to invest something in your own future.

Customers Ranking 

There were several negative review that made it sound like this company may not be a top resume writing service due to its high prices for seemingly little work.   There were also some positive posts on the internet and they make a case for this company being very good at what they do.

Other Reviews Found

The reviews of resume writing services says that has a very positive rating for this site and they charge extra for their talent. They are among the higher ranking site in search engine for hits so they do generate some interest.

Is a scam?

No we do not believe that it is a scam.