Review Review Overview is one of the top resume writing services that are available online that is run by an individual by the name of Regina Pontow. The resume writing services that are provided to job seekers by Regina are not always deemed as being an affordable resume writing service by clients due to the fact that her rates start at $150. However, all of the customers who do decide to go ahead and do business with this resume writing service all agree that the money that they invested with Regina for her resume writing services were definitely worth every penny.

Editorial Rating is one of the resume writing services that deserves a three star rating from an editorial viewpoint. This is because the website is unorganized and not very user friendly at all. Not to mention the fact that is a company that does not really have much background listed about the company in general and it is hard to determine what the name of the resume writing service is in general because the domain is one thing and then on the website it leads customers to think that the name of the site is #1 Resume Writing Service.

Customer’s Ranking

Customers appear to be ranking in at four stars. This is because this website not only offers resume writing services that are said to provide proven results but they also offer free resume writing advice. Then, of course you have to love the fact that the company is ran by an individual which means it is less likely that any scam or fraud is taking place within this resume writing service. However, the one star is taken off because since it is ran by an individual it is less likely that any discounts are going to be available for the resume writing services that are offered through Free Resume Tips dot com.

Other Free Resume Tips Reviews Found

Other Free Resume Tips reviews that have been left on various resume writing services review sites indicate that Regina is one of the skilled resume writers who is worth every penny that she charges for her resume writing services. Not to mention the fact that everyone who gets a resume written by her are destined to be able to secure the dream job that they never imagined they would be able to land.

Is a Scam?

No, is not a scam. This resume writing service is 100% legit.