federalresumeexperts.com Review

Review of Resume Writing Service federalresumeexperts.com

federalresumeexperts.com Overview

Federalresumeexperts.com is one of the leading resume writing services on the web for government jobs. They serve people that are looking to get employment in the federal government.  Their federal resumes are custom tailiored and include the most important job series buzzwords.  They have over 20 years of experience and nearly a 100%  Federal Job Interview success rate.

Editorial federalresumeexperts.com Rating

We give this website a 4 out of 5 because the company is very focused on getting jobs for people with the federal government.  They understand that it can be very hard to stand out in a crowd when there are are lots of experienced people applying.   They are expensive but very good at what they do which translates into a better overall value for customers.  They offer customers a lifetime update on their resumes which is great considering the cost.

Customers federalresumeexperts.com Ranking

Customer’s give them great reviews many of them happy with the level of service they provided.  There were a few negative reviews, but that is not surprising considering that they deal with customers who  work for the federal government.

Other federalresumeexperts.com Reviews Found

They have some issues with letting people get reviews more often then they would like.  One rule that they have is only one review a month for resumes.  They are a for profit  company and most people that gave a review made them seem like they are very customer service friendly.  The fact is they are for people that need federal jobs not just the average job seeker.

Is federalresumeexperts.com a scam?

They seem to be a very legitimate company that has the best interest of their clients in mind.  However they are dealing with a very specific group of job seekers so not everyone will benefit from their services.