EnglishResumeWriting.com Review

Review of Resume Writing Service englishresumewriting.com

English Resume Service – Overview

English Resume Service is a unique online resume writing service which promises to put their clients’ resumes right on top. English Resume Services offers keyword-targeted resumes which will have a better chance of being picked up by employers on the web as compared to other resumes. English Resume Service believes in providing personalized and industry-researched resumes for graduates, executives, federal employees and military personnel. English Resume Service promises to deliver a resume which will generate interview calls within 30 days. Moreover, customers get the chance to get their resumes amended until they feel fully satisfied. English Resume Service is one online resume writing service which can help anyone stage a turnaround in his or her career.

Editorial English Resume Service Rating

We have decided to award a 2-star rating to English Resume Service. We feel that such a low rating is justified since the company’s website was found wanting in disclosing company history. Moreover, we were unable to read any customer testimonials as a result of which we were unable to judge the quality of their service. However, diversity of resume writing service is a major plus that will lure many customers. All in all, English Resume Service needs to improve in areas such as website design and customer support.

Customer’s English Resume Service Ranking

We are unable to award a customer’s ranking to the resume writing service of English Resume Service because their website does not contain any customer reviews.

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No other English Resume Service reviews were found.

Is English Resume Service a Scam?

Despite the fact that English Resume Service cannot be regarded among the top resume writing services still we have concluded that their service is credible. English Resume Service has received BBB rating which is sufficient to dismiss any English Resume Service scam allegations.