employment911.com Review

Review of resume writing service employment911.com

Employment 911 Overview

Employment 911 is a resume writing service that has been provides job hunters with professional and unique resumes since 1997. Employment 911 comes along with a ton of other benefits as well to insure that their customers will be ready for their job interviews. Also, employment 911 makes it so that employers can come to their site and select their potential employees by looking through their wide selection of resumes.

Editorial Employment 911 Rating

Based on what we have learned about www.employment911.com we would rate them at a four out of five stars. We can agree that employment 911 belongs with the top resume writing services however we would not say that it is one of the best resume writing services available because they provide similar services as other resume writing services. However, employment 911 does have it so employers can benefit from their site as well yet their website is not very eye catching at all so that is the main reason for a loss of a star. The way we see it is that if the average person is looking for a resume writing service they may pass employment 911 by due to the simple fact that their website is in no way appealing.

Customers employment911.com Ranking

We have searched the internet high and low but we have been yet to find any customer reviews on employment 911.

Other Employment911 Reviews found

Other reviews however, were able to be found on the web about employment 911. However, the first thing we noticed is that some of the reviews state they have been in business since 1998 while www.employment911.com states they have been in business since 1997. The reviews do state that they provide good resumes but they are kind of pricey.

Is Employment 911 a scam?

Based on the reviews that we were able to find on the web and the information we were able to see at www.employment911.com it is hard to tell whether this resume writing service is a scam or not. It seems that the reviews feel they are legit yet some of the responses that have been left by users to the reviews lead us to think otherwise. So, this is one of those resume writing services where we would just say you have to try at your own risk.