Review of resume writing service

CV Center Overview

CV Center is an expert resume writing service that offers excellent resume writing services. CV Center prides on being the number 1 resume providing service in UK and the pricing policy is pretty cheap and won’t break your money bank. gives 100% money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee as well. Client’s reviews state that the CVs are perfect. CV Center was formed back in 1998 so the service has been here for a while now.

Editorial CV Center Rating

Based on reviews of editors, we can say that gets a 4 star rating especially in the UK market is as CV Center is very popular there. Quick feedback and cheap costs are what put apart from other competitors in this tough market cliché. The founder is a well reputed person with some acclaimed books to his name and CV Center follows their founders lead by providing excellent service.

Customers Ranking

Based on customer’s reviews that are found on, it’s clear that the clients love CV Center and mark as their favorite is Resume editing and writing. Words such as perfect, brilliant, amazing and speedy have been lavished on to the resumes produced by CV Center. The throughput is also good with speedy resumes being written and people have gotten jobs using these CV’s. A 4.5 star rating from the client’s side is easy work for CV Center and high ranking in its customer base.

Other CV Center Reviews Found

Not many reviews could be found for on the internet. Most of the reviews were from the clients and were indeed positive and market CV Center quite highly. Though no professional review of the site was available which makes us wonder whether to place CV Center in the list of top resume writing services or not.

Is a Scam?

Overall, is one of the best resume writing services that is available in UK and is certainly not a scam. Easy on the pocket and reliable is what describes CV Center best.