Review of Resume Writing Service Overview

This company is based out of New York and that gives them an insight into the American job markets.  The company offers a free critique of your resume and help your job search with a checklist of important topics.  They offer a translation service for international job applicants, which is a very unique option for assisting in a job search.  They offer lots of career resources and blog articles so job seekers will find this very useful.

Editorial Rating

We give this website a 4 out of 5 because the company seems to be focused on getting people jobs.  They have free content that helps narrow down choices for people and that can go along way for undecided applicants. They list on their website all of the staff qualifications and they have a phone number listed so you can talk directly to a consultant.  The career advice is the standard information that lots of similar companies offer , but they do provide sample resumes so you can see the styles of work they perform.

Customers  Ranking

Most of the customer reviews are very positive, but they are provided by the company.  They are devoted to getting you noticed so that means they will go the extra mile.  They provide a free re-write within 30-days if you do not get an interview which should please any customer.

Other   Reviews Found

This company has plenty of website reviews on the web so they have a very positive reputation.

Is  a scam?

No, this company is not a scam.  They have tons of experience and make guarantees to their customers to make sure they get results.  We consider this company a full service resume writing company that looks out for its customers.  This company is among the top resume writing services on the web.