Review of Resume Writing Service

Elite Resumes – Overview

Elite Resume is considered among the top North American resume writing services. Elite Resumes is known for developing successful resumes for personnel in different industries because it only recruits certified resume writers who have vast experience in resume editing. On top of offering online resume writing service, Elite Resumes also offers career coaching including interview tutoring. The great thing about Elite Resumes is that it welcomes both fresh graduates and seasoned executives as its clients because its resume writing services take into account the personal circumstances of each client. By getting free resume critique service at Elite Resumes you can add a whole new direction to your professional career.

Editorial Elite Resumes Rating

Elite Resumes has been awarded a 3-star rating because we found their service to be of high quality; meanwhile, their website also contains valuable resources for job applicants. Elite Resumes stands out for the outstanding credentials of its writers, nevertheless, there are certain issues with their website. Elite Resumes needs to redo their website because it not only lacks vital information such as service prices but it is also visually unattractive. We would not be surprised if any person who visits their website would feel like moving on to the next website because that is the way we felt.

Customer’s Elite Resumes Ranking

Thankfully the website of Elite Resumes has dedicated a different section for customer testimonials. A noteworthy aspect of customer reviews is that people from different industries have found the company’s service to be useful and on the basis of this we have awarded a positive customer’s ranking to Elite Resumes.

Other Elite Resumes Reviews Found

No other Elite Resumes reviews were found on any third party website.

Is Elite Resumes a Scam?

Elite Resumes review has given us significant indication that their service is credible. Elite Resumes has a great reputation ever since 1993; meanwhile, the credentials of their writers also speak volumes of their legitimacy. Although, Elite Resumes is not BBB rated still we have concluded that there is no possibility of Elite Resumes scam.