Review of Resume Writing Service Overview

This is a company that focuses on affordable resume writing services and they have lots of content to help get a resume together.  This company is based out of Maryland, USA so for job seekers in the states this may be a benefit, considering how job markets change.  They have low cost webinars that can explain how to have a successful interview and some job search strategies.  They are very focused on helping you get a job and they also can help with job coaching if you don’t know where you want to get a job.

Editorial Rating

We give this website a 3 out of 5 because the company seems to be focused on making money and not necessarily focused on getting jobs for their customers.  They have webinars that cost money, but they do offer some videos that are free.  The career advice is the standard information that lots of similar companies, so we were not impressed.  That does not mean that people could not find some useful information on their site that would aid them in their job search.

Customers   Ranking

Most of the customer reviews are very positive, but they are some that have been provided by the company.  There is a Web SEO site that does not give the actual page a good rating, but all that means is that it does not get a whole lot of traffic.

Other  Reviews Not Found

There are no other reviews for this company.

Is  a scam?

Any time that a company gives their phone number so that you can contact them that is a good sign.  They have lots of Internet recognition so that goes a long way in making them a credible company.  Even if they are not highly ranked in a SEO website we do not feel that it reduces their effectiveness.