Accepted Dot Com Overview

Accepted is a trustworthy personal statement writing service that has been offering personal statement writing since 1994. With that being said many people put their trust in accepted because they feel that accepted has been in business long enough to know what colleges and universities are looking for when they are reading over a student’s personal statement. It’s amazing to many that Accepted actually came about from  editing writing service. Yes, Accepted still offers editing writing service today but Accepted has also added a bunch of other writing services to their quota such as some of the personal statement writing services that you can find mentioned below:

  • Law school personal statement
  • College personal statement
  • Business school personal statement
  • MBA personal statement
  • Graduate school personal statement
  • Residency school personal statement

Features That Make Accepted Stand Out

The main features that make Accepted stand out include, but are not limited to:

  • Accepted has helped students get into over four hundred and fifty different schools
  • Accepted started out as an editing company and has expanded in so many different ways over the years
  • Accepted has amazing reviews but on the internet and on their website,
  • Accepted has never had not one thing said about their personal writing service

Why Turning to

You should turn to accepted because they are a reliable, established a depending personal statement writing service. Accepted may not boast as much as some of the other personal statement writing services but you can believe that accepted is one of the best personal statement writing services that can be found throughout the entire globe. Downsides

With all of the things that have been said about in a good way and being the fact that accepted has a A+ rating from their BBB, which is the highest rating that one can receive, it makes it extremely hard to find something that is wrong with accepted. So, we conclude that there are no downsides when it comes to accepted.