1-on-1-resumes.com Review

Review of resume writing service 1-on-1-resumes.com

1-on-1-resumes.com Overview

www.1-on-1-resumes.com is a qualified resume writing service that offers noteworthy resume writing services. The prices are cheap which will be plus point for people on a budget and the reply time is very good. 1 on 1 resumes guarantee interview call-up within 30 days of the resume submission. Also, 1on1 resumes states itself as the number 1 ranking as a resume website based on the reviews on the Internet.

Editorial 1-on-1-resumes Rating

Based on what we were able to come across about www.1-on-1-resumes.com a rating of 3.5 stars is suitable. This is because there are mixed reviews for 1on1 resumes on the internet. People don’t rate is as in the top resume writing services because of the quality of the resumes and the writing patterns in the reviews is said to be not up to the mark. Also, the customer support service is said to be pathetic and the resume writing professionals are not certified. This leaves a bad taste in the mouth as people are not assured quality resumes.

Customers www.1-on-1-resumes.com Ranking

Based on customer’s reviews that can be found on www.1-on-1-resumes.com and other review sites
the overall opinion is not so good. People have lodged complaints against 1on1 resumes that there are hidden charges and the 1on1 resumes charge more than the $89.99 that is claimed and charge more at the end. And that the overall quality of the resumes is not great, which should as it’s the most critical aspect. On the whole the 1on1 reviews cannot be rated as providing the top resume writing services on the internet.

Other 1-on-1-resumes reviews Found

Other reviews were found for 1on1 resumes, there are a lot of bad comments, which stops does not bode well. Let’s talk Better Business Bureau. Having previously given 1on1 resumes an “A” rating; the BBB dropped that to “C-” and finally an “F.” This leaves a very bad impression on the clients.

Is 1-on-1-resumes a scam?

Overall, 1-on-1-resumes cannot be described as a scam.